The Company was originally incorporated by Mrs. Chandrakanta Golechha and Mr. Devendra Kumar Golechha Promoters as a private company under the name and style “M/s Golechha (Madras) Finance & Leasing Private Limited” in the State of Tamil Nadu on 18th April, 1991 pursuant to the provisions of the Companies Act, 1956 Later on, the Company got converted into a public limited company and also the name of the Company was changed from M/s. Golechha (Madras) Finance & Leasing Private Limited to M/s. GOLECHHA GLOBAL FINANCE LIMITED, vide fresh Certificate of Incorporation dated 13th August 1992 issued by the Registrar of Companies, Tamil Nadu.

The Company‘s shares are Listed at the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited, Mumbai and the Madras Stock Exchange Limited, Chennai, Jaipur Stock Exchange and Ahmedabad stock exchange. The Company was taken over by M/s Advani Private Limited in the FY 2010-11 in compliance with the Takeover Regulations.

The Registered office of the Company has been shifted from Chennai, State of Tamil Nadu to Kolkata, State of West Bengal for operational convenience after following the due process prescribed under the provisions of Companies Act, 1956.